Parental Involvement


To ensure the effectiveness of Montessori education, it is essential that parents have an understanding of Montessori principles and are prepared for their child and themselves to participate fully in the life of the school. And, as we are a parent run and parent funded school, we rely on the support and participation of all families for the continued operation of the school. 

Parents are expected to:

  • enrol their child for the full school program of three years;
  • pay the school placement fee to confirm your child's enrolment;
  • pay school fees promptly each term;
  • participate in school rosters e.g. bread roster, laundry, and working bees;
  • be punctual with the drop off and collection of children unless, in exceptional circumstances, a specific arrangement has been made with the Director;
  • attend parent education evenings, parent meetings and classroom observations;
  • take responsibility for a committee position at some time during their time at the school;
  • participate in any fundraising activities that the school may hold;
  • respect all staff, school policies and the special status of the classroom – it is the children’s world;
  • respect Montessori philosophy and practice.

While always welcome at the school, parents do not enter the classroom at will, as this makes the environment more "adult centred" rather than child centred. There are many other opportunities for active involvement in the school. Once your child has settled into the environment you will be able to observe in the classroom at regular intervals. Formal discussion of your child’s progress will occur in terms two and four, or by appointment.

It is particularly important that parents are committed to the three year cycle. Extended Day is the third and final stage of the Montessori program. Older more experienced children take on the role of peer mentors, reinforcing their own skills, and experience the responsibilities of leadership through helping others. If parents decide to withdraw their child prior to the completion of the three years the child will not gain the full benefits of the program; early withdrawal of children also has a negative impact on the whole school. The third year of the Montessori program is equivalent to kindergarten, and many children go straight into year 1 at primary school when they graduate from the Montessori School.


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